PM Kanya Ayush Scheme 2021: Kanya Ayush ₹ 2000 Fake Scheme

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Today information related to the Prime Minister’s Kanya Ayush Scheme 2021 is going to be given to you through this article.  Nowadays it is coming in the news that the Prime Minister of India, the Honorable Shri Narendra Modi, is going to launch Prime Minister Kanya Aayush Yojana 2021.  But dear visitor, we will make that clear to you that this scheme is clearly false and a rumor.

The news is spreading fast in the social media that the Prime Minister is launching the Pradhan Mantri Kanya Aayush Yojana 2021, in which funds of ₹ 2000 are being given to girls these days.  But the concerned authority has confirmed that the government hasn’t yet declared any kind of guidelines regarding the scheme. In a context, the news about the PM Kanya Ayush scheme 2021 stands to be a fake rumor in the respected media platform. Today, in this article we are going to discuss the necessary information about the Pradhan Mantri Kanya Ayush Scheme 2021.

PM Kanya Ayush Scheme

Our aim is to release this article so that people do not get confused and they know that the Pradhan Mantri Kanya Aayush Yojana 2021 is a rumor and a misleading scheme.

Kanya Ayush ₹ 2000 Fake Scheme

Dear visitor, please pay attention to the following points only then you will be able to understand what misleading news is being spread in this scheme and what you do not have to believe. Readers, it has also been revealed by Fact Check that Kanya Ayush ₹ 2000 scheme is misleading the people like the fake news about the scheme is being circulated over the media. We are aware of you! please do not believe and do not get confused if you get any news related to the Prime Minister Kanya Ayush Scheme. Also, let us also tell you that all the claims being made under the Pradhan Mantri Kanya Aayush Yojana 2021 are false and false. Along with this, news of wrong schemes is communicated through online and offline researches, do not believe them. Before seeing any information, please confirm the information and then believe it.

This will save you from being cheated by someone else. Friends, know this and tell your friends and relatives that the Pradhan Mantri Kanya Ayush Scheme 2021 is a false rumor that is spreading on social media. The government has not yet released any such scheme in which funds of ₹ 2000 are being provided as subsidy. If anyone tells you that under the Pradhan Mantri Kanya Yojana 2021, the daughters are getting financial assistance of ₹ 2000 as financial assistance, then do not believe them. Also, no such amount is being transferred by the central government to the girls’ bank. Friends, do not believe such news and make others aware along with you. We must have awareness about the news about which news is true and which is false. And to verify the news, you must confirm it once and never believe any news.

(Rumor) benefits of Pradhan Mantri Kanya Ayush Scheme 2021

 The benefits which are being mentioned under this scheme are the following and at the same time, it is also misleading and false which you do not believe at all.  Please be aware to become a conscious citizen. Under the false Pradhan Mantri Kanya Yojana 2021, it is being told that the government is sending a sum of ₹ 2000 as financial assistance directly to the account of daughters of families coming from low-income groups. Friends, under this Pradhan Mantri Kanya Yojana 2021 scheme, the Central Government will provide financial assistance of Rs. 2000 to the girls of the country. Also, the lie is being spread that the amount of Rs 2000 given by the government will be directly transferred to every child’s bank account through DBT.

Under this Pradhan Mantri Kanya Aayush Yojana 2021, the financial assistance of every child of the country will be provided by the government. Along with this, the daughters of poor families coming from poor and deprived class will get the benefit. Or what is important to the reader is that all the above benefits are false as no such scheme has been launched by the government yet. Fact Check has also claimed that this news is false which is being spread to confuse people and such news is often spread. You have to be aware of this news and confirm them before you believe the news.

Important documents

Documents by Pradhanmantri Kanya Ayush Yojana (Fake)

 Readers, the following given documents, which are being told that their imperative for the Pradhan Mantri Kanya Aayush Yojana is clearly false, please do not believe them.

 Aadhaar card of application:

  • The Aadhar card of the daughter applying is being declared a mandatory document under the Pradhan Mantri Kanya Ayush Scheme.
  • identity card: Under the Pradhan Mantri Kanya Yojana 2021, the girl’s identity card is being called a mandatory document, which is false news.
  • income certificate: Income certificate of daughter’s family which should be less than ₹ 100000 annually.
  • Mobile number: Applicant’s mobile number is being sought in this news.
  • Passport size photo: Along with this, friends are also being told that while applying, passport size photo of the applicant is mainly mandatory.Which is clearly a lie. Please raise your awareness and do not believe such misnamed news.

Eligibility criteria

 False PM Kanya Ayush Scheme Eligibility Criteria

 Dear readers, the following points are given the eligibility criteria under the Pradhan Mantri Kanya Ayush Scheme (which is a false news), which you do not have to believe at all.Friends, if anyone is confused about his people, then definitely inform him.First of all it is being said that it is mandatory for eligibility that the applicant should be resident of India.Also, the US should have all the above mentioned documents only then it can apply for this scheme.

 Fake Application Process

 (Fake) How to apply in the PM Kanya Ayush Scheme?

 If any application process related to this Pradhan Mantri Kanya Aayush Yojana 2021 scheme is given to you in any website, please do not apply there. As we have already told you, this news is false news. Which is being spread to confuse the public.

Readers, this news teaches us that citizens should verify any news before seeing it, they should not blindly trust any news.  Similarly, how many frauds cheat people and how many people are also harmed.  Friends, please do not believe such fraud news or people because it can also cause huge losses to you.  Also, if friends claim that this scheme is false, even by Fact Check, it would be foolish to believe it.

Conclusion: (Fake) PM Kanya Ayush Scheme


Friends, through this article we have given you all the information related to the Fake Prime Minister Kanya Ayush Scheme 2021.  Please do not believe such false news and become a conscious citizen.

Dear visitor, a conscious citizen means that one who does not believe in any news by closing his eyes.  Nor does it spread any news to others without confirmation.Please, if you hear any news, then tell it to four more people when you have confirmed that news yourself, otherwise you do not make any news here without any information.Because many times inadvertently we send wrong news which causes problems and we ourselves do not know that we have spread any rumors.  Do not be part of any rumor or we humbly request you.  Dear readers, thank you that you have read this article till date and stay connected with us for news.

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